Alex Krenz   
His body of work is the result of a passion for texture and colour created with non-conventional materials. The pieces are not realistic, but abstract. They capture the feeling and essence of actual objects. This essence is borrowed from the reality of insight rather than the reality of eyesight.

Relationships are a key feature of the works. Alex is intrigued by the relationship between materials, each work being the organic outgrowth of a chemical interaction. One material or colour is only aesthetically pleasing in relation to another. This interaction flows into his own life, as he observes the chemistry of romance, the chemistry of business relations, of the marketplace, of friends, of family. All of these interactions are grounded in love, expressed in many different forms.
This is his fascination "To watch the way we, like the elements, interact with each other in the service of a beautiful outcome."

Please click a thumbnail for a detailed view:
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