Andrew Sutherland   
Andrew Sutherland began his hand at art in primary school, was hooked at an early age and excelled through high school thereafter. He studied art during his matric year at Tygerberg Art College and in 1998 studied Fine Arts at "The Ruth Prowse School Of Art". He graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma.

His work exposes the detail of illustration as well as unravelling the unstructured surreal feeling that abstract art brings. His work is a bit like a scrapbook on canvas or an uncovered diary. He is inspired by old polaroid photographs and objects with history and tries to capture the essence of a drawing or a sketch in his paintings. He feels this gives his work a certain personal quality.

The themes of his work are quite diverse and he is interested in current world issues as well as issues of personal expression and introspection. He likes to focus on the beauty of all situations and experiences and thinks this attitude is reflected throughout his work.

Please click a thumbnail for a detailed view:
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