Ann Gadd   
To mirror the paradoxical universe, she explores the profound through humor. In doing so, she reveals our human nature, aspirations and weaknesses.

Sheep in their inane conformist lifestyle have much to mirror to us about the human condition. Eat, sleep, shit, toil, die for a purpose that remains beyond their (and our) deeper understanding. Like sheep we seldom stop to question our life, its purpose and the validity of what we do. Struggling to achieve a stable patch for ourselves and yet being ever threatened by the inevitable tumble downhill, in the repetitive conformism of our lives, sheep become icons for our own insanity. From their lofty heights, (to which we in a post paternalistic male dominated society have raised them), sheep set themselves up for an inevitable fall.

Using common business terminology and other word plays, |Anne attempts to simplify her work to the point that the message is not lost in some convoluted, complexity of artistic angst, but to make its point simply and in a manner that both amuses and yet through humor, gets ewe/you the viewer, to question why you do what you do and push you to challenge your beliefs and understanding of reality.

"I believe we start by learning to express ourselves creatively in the physical form. If we pursue this passion with courage, diligence and discipline, we come to the realization that we are the canvas: - and as such, are both the creator and the creation. Creativity then becomes who we are, not just what we hang on the wall." - Ann Gadd

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