Bassa Aspinall, a self-taught contemporary artist, presents an avant-garde brand of pop art based on vivid, dynamic portraiture of iconic figures within the entertainment, sports and political genres. Wildlife, his lifelong passion, inherited from his late father, the conservationist John Aspinall, is also a subject he creates through an intense yet refined style of expression through his paintings.

Bassa's signature technique combines bold colour-blocking and sensuous texture that captures a distinct flow and movement within the art, creating an engaging experience with the viewer. His use of virtual 3-D perspective and striking graphic imagery allows the icon's magnetism and character to diffuse through, generating a conversation piece amongst its audience.

Bassa's paintings are created through the use of the finest imported Italian paints and generous sized, extra deep canvases that give the larger-than-life, luxuriant interaction expected from icon pop art. The grand size of the canvases combine with the bold, textured paint allowing for dramatic lighting opportunity when displayed in homes, hotels, businesses or restaurants. No matter where these paintings are exhibited, they will always make an impressive statement and demand the attention that any icon deserves.

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