Miche Campbell   
Micheline is an English figurative artist living in Cape Town since 2008. Her art training was portraiture in oils but upon her arrival in South Africa she discovered the fun side of acrylics to paint what she terms as Line Art.

She paints figures onto pure white canvas using one neutral colour for the subject, which she then outlines in strong black. Occasionally she adds a touch of red to create specific areas of interest. She has recently branched out into painting animals and still lifes in this same style.These paintings are modern, contemporary, funky and above all they are fun.

She can adapt a painting to whatever size a client requires and can therefore paint as large or as small as is needed. She is also happy to work to commission with a client to incorporate their ideas into a suitable Line Art painting.

She is very fortunate to be able to follow two strands of painting – her formal portraits in oils and the quirkier, lighter side of acrylics with Line Art.

Please click a thumbnail for a detailed view:
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