Doce Freire   
Doce Freire born in Brazil, but currently is living in Cape Town, South Africa.
She is a Visual\street artist, deeply in love with colors and mix of differents medias and supports.  

Her work is a mix of dream world and fantasy, the subjects are mostly female portraits that are a mixture of imagination and real people found in daily life; the subjects and also the use of a lot of different and strong colors was built mixing her brazilian\african influences and experiences.
She works mostly with spraypaints, acrylic, brushes, markers and stencils, mixing everything on walls, papers, canvas or any kind of support.
She loves to use street art techniques and materials(as graffiti and stencil) to create new textures and images on others supports (canvas, e.g); and the same to the use usual painting\drawing techniques to apply on a graffiti work.

Please click a thumbnail for a detailed view:
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