Isabelle Mueller   
Painting is a pure emotion for Isabelle. If she chooses to communicate via the figurative, it is because this vehicle seems the most suitable for the emotion at hand.
Her abstracts are highly loaded, a complex process, which express themselves in the simplicity of many layers of emotion (for eg. How does a painting make you feel?) She has an open-minded approach to every painting, which allows the freedom to change direction, as the process requires. It is with intention and intensity that she works.)

Her paintings then take a life of their own. This is the process she is committed to..

Formulating an identity as an artist becomes a reality for her, however instead of being known as a "landscape painter", she would rather like to define myself as a "brand". This allows the freedom to change, explore and adjust to visual ideas. It is inevitable, that the artwork becomes a product-driven, profit and investment-orientated object.

She believes Art is a business, which involves vision, passion and involvement. It is a two-way process: connecting with the inside to make fantasies come alive to the outside world. 
Creating a body of work with a theme propels her into another level of pleasure/pain, as the creative explorations often demand obsessiveness. Finding the voice within becomes a "condition". The magic lies in experiencing an idea, as it changes. She trusts the power of the image to propel the emotion into being. It is at this threshold, where opportunities are likely to occur.

Her aim is that the viewer understands the painting in emotional terms, where the stage of having to search for words in order to communicate is skipped…to her that is success!

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