Koos de Wet   
Koos has explored several different creative fields such as advertising art, graphic design, animation, decor design and even worked as a night-club DJ. Above all he loves painting. He discovered his gift at the age of four, when he could copy the drawings that his father drew of cars, aeroplanes, people etc.

Through his work he aims to capture the emotional and spiritual content within "simple" everyday life subject matter, past and present. His love for his environment and his fascination with people of all cultures is evident, yet he is mostly drawn to the concept of form, colour and texture. The artist explores the language of shape and colour.

Paradox, humour and change are three major ingredients in Koos's paintings. He challenges the viewer to seek this in his works. "The main objective for him is to lift the viewer in a different space and time for a few moments. This state of awareness is an extremely vital activity and one can attain it through various methods, but viewing art, or nature in a relaxed mode is some of the quickest ways."

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