Lyle Pettitt   
Lyle was born in Natal in 1974 and moved to the Cape when she was 12 years old. She did art from standard 6 as a subject and fell in love with the subject and it was here that she found a way to express her creative outlet. After finishing high school she worked in Florida, Orlando for an art studio doing fauve finishes. She also sold artworks in Florida and Hong Kong.

Her paintings are all about bold huge brush strokes, lots of texture and bright colours. A lot of her artwork involves working with a pallet knife and plastasol inks which gives it texture. She also enjoys working with resin, which creates a 3 dimensional effect. Her artwork is very unique and after years of experimenting with all the different types of mediums, she has found the way she paints now most expresses her personality. It has been a challenging and rewarding process. As you will see in her work, she has been inspired by her love for Andy Warhol's Pop Art.

Please click a thumbnail for a detailed view:
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