Marlene Horak   
Enter the world of fantasy and colour . The paintings of Marlena Horak pulsate with vibrant energy and movement, which she captures in abstract shapes and forms that are boundless and free. Such is her unique energy that it has inspired all who have encountered her work over the past 3 decades, teaching Art and Dance locally and abroad. [Usually on Invitation in New York, USA and Canada]

Her inspiration seems to be a close connection with the rich texture found in nature with its warm earth tones and the colours of the sea, deep mountain pools, rivers, beaches, rock pools or the bark of trees in age old forests.Her work with the Native American tribes still echoes in primitive shapes and earthy, raw elements, while her love for the colour and rhythms of Africa also remains a big inspiration for bothher art and dance choreography.

The soulful connection between dance and art has enabled Marlena to grow past borders and limitations. She has broken free from any molds and lives, works, dances and paints in her own space,which is forever expanding, growing and changing.

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