Melissa Shaw   
'My life has been a journey through the art. I qualified as a graphic designer in 1999, which included fine art & photography amongst the subjects. I participated in dancing, modeling and acting for a period of time. Currently my occupation is Interior Decorating.I guess creativity is my energy outlet.

Similarly I like to explore various forms of art from realism to abstract.I find textures and mediums fascinating. There is definitely a tendency to strive for harmony and tranquility in my works.

Venetian Vision series derived from colour and celebration of colour. With venetian vaseware colour moves into colour. There is such a similarity to nature, where there is harmony even when a multitude of colours collide. Each piece is unique and carries a different image and emotion to each individual viewer. My most enjoyed moments is watching viewers stop and stare in bemusement, from the ages of 6 to adults. This touched my soul as an artist as I succeeded in communication and pleasure through art.The key to a good work of art, is if you can look at a piece daily and still stand in appreciation of the work. This is what I strive for.

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