Richard Scott   
Richard has no formal training but after dabbling in different jobs, working in business and starting his own internet companies to eventually sell on, he decided to take up his real passion being art.

He played around for a while to find the right medium, style and use of colour that would get his feeling across and wanted to show the world, through his art, that he disliked conditioning. He wanted to produce his thoughts through objects in the most simple, colourful and pure way. Through art, he could marriage his hatred of conditioning with his love of it. He focuses on simplicity and colour and found himself painting white with thick black lines surrounded with solid vibrant colour.

Richard quotes: "The white represents the pureness of the subject which is the secret world and within every object and creature, big or small. The secrets we, as humans, only bare to those very close to us. The world we know so little about. Society has conditioned us to ignore this and focus on the outer shell, the colourful outer shell. We only expose the pureness when we break down our lines and can no longer cope with the situation society has presented us with."

It is through this technique that Richard gets his message across through his art.

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