Revealing light is always the subject of sue's work, from figure drawings to portraits, to abstract works that have no obvious subject. Sue also uses colour as subject. Her influences are the mid- century colour field painters such as mark rothko and helen frankenthaler as well as other abstract experssionists. Philosophy, the mystery of life and the complexity of the human psyche with its unavoidable internal and external relationships, inform her work, both as a painter and as a writer. 

Sue works mainly in oils on oversized canvasses but is currently experimenting with acrylic drawings, oils on paper, and miniature block art.  
Her earlier careers in fashion and interiors allowed her a certain amount of creativity but her dream was always to paint. Over the years sue has trained with various artists including kerry evans, david kuijers and julia teale and in 2010 she became a full-time painter. Sue's work is sold privately and galleries in cape town and in london.  
"Communicating the 'non verbal' in painting is what drives me so i find it difficult to express in words what my work must say on it's own. Sometimes i prefer not to name a painting as i don't want to put words in people's heads. On the other hand, writing is verbal and when writing, i feel as if i am producing a 'painting' of a different kind. I struggle to do both at the same time – one is the antithesis of the other."  
Sue's poems have been published in the rhodes journal (2008) and in patricia shonstein's anthology: 'Africa! poems about love, loss and longing' (2014)
Her first book of poetry 'heaven and earth' is to be published this year.
She was born in johannesburg, lived in the karoo and now lives in town with her husband and son. 
2010 Ello pop-up show
2010 Art jam red! gallery
2012 Art jam red! gallery
2013 The studio kalk bay pop-up show 
2014 Group show – 'Eye-catching portraits' at the art b gallery in cape town 
A portrait entered in the 2014 spi portrait award
Was in the final 100 chosen and became part of this show. 
- 2014 Group show – 'Face to Figure' at the Studio in Kalk bay  
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