Verika Van Wyk   
Verika is currently busy painting distorted figures in an unknown, abstract landscape. She combine's the idea of a figure with the lines of organic objects such as seedpods and shells where the space is ambiguous and is created through colour rather than lines. The figures are not specified, they are mere entities placed in a colourful space.

Her medium is oil paint, although she likes to sometimes incorporate other mediums such as enamel, charcoal, oil bars and ink. Her inspiration derives from the German Expressionists and Fauvists due to their expressive use of colour and she is also inspired by Lucian Freud and Frank Auerbach for their amazing painting techniques and their ability to create 1000's of meaningful layers on one single surface by only using oil paint.

Her primary concern is not to create art that incorporates intellectual purpose and meaning, but art that evokes a sense of emotional connection and aesthetic beauty. Her theme is human emotion and interaction between people in the context of a relationship. These emotions include happiness, tranquility, completeness, passion and comfort.

The consistent element which is characteristic of her work is the colour red, which creates a warm and passionate atmosphere and the organic forms and lines which contribute to the paintings femininity and sensuality. Each of her paintings looks different and each tells their own stories. They are each unique in their own way.

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